Broadway's fully-integrated software application is used to manage the programming, sales, traffic and finance for cable network's advertising businesses. Our systems effectively manage approximately $3 billion in advertising revenues across news, sports, music and entertainment networks. Customers include Fox News, Home & Garden Television, and the Food Network—three of the Top 15 rated cable networks—as well as the MLB Network, TV One and MusicChoice Play, launched by MusicChoice.

Broadway is focused exclusively on Cable Network Advertising…

Cable networks have needs that are unique from broadcast stations or spot cable. These needs are changing dramatically, given the opportunities and threats afforded by the digitization of content. Several of the top rated cable networks manage their business using Broadway. In one organization, a single instance of the software currently manages 7 unique networks; over 5,000 deals; 200 users; 25,000 episodes; and 1,000 active selling titles. Broadway is proven with these top network clients—and continues to work in the real world to deliver value for these cable networks every day.

Broadway provides a single, fully-integrated application comprised of "best-of-breed" components…

The creation of a ratecard; the development of a complex proposal—with the potential of unlimited spots with varied lengths and packages—across multiple networks; the management of the deal—from beginning to end; the stewarding—under any industry-standard Nielsen ratings format you and your agency desire; the creation and sending of the invoice—for linear and/or non-linear advertising—in paper or electronic format; and the management of the receivables.

That's end-to-end. This level of integration helps you to deliver better service to your clients, better yields on your inventory and a better work environment for your team.

Broadway is the technological leader for Media Management applications…

Most legacy systems are "technically obsolete," which results in increased cost, infrequent releases and an inability to keep pace. Broadway's software has been engineered from the beginning on an N-Tier architecture using Microsoft's .NET and the latest SQL Server technologies.

The key is that this platform makes it easier for Broadway to develop new capabilities for our customers, averaging two or three new releases and one new module each year. It also makes it easier to import data or integrate into third-party systems, which makes migration from legacy systems a snap, as well as keeping your overall total cost of computing lower than ever.